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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to your access and use of all materials and images from i-can.

Standard Terms & Conditions

i-can reserve all rights to the images and you do not acquire any copyright, ownership or equivalent rights in or to any image as a result of any permission i-can grant for the use of any image / material.

A selection of Images will not be released to you directly from i-can. Images provided from this category must be placed into artwork by i-can at origination / print stage. Only a low resolution image will be sent for positional purposes.

Use of Image

'Images' means all Images and related informational materials in any medium furnished by i-can hereunder, including related text, captions or information. You agree to pay for the license of the Image according to the terms of the invoice and the Agreement. Except as specified in the i-can invoice. Images obtained from i-can are licensed on a non-transferable, one-time, non-exclusive basis and are strictly limited to the use, medium, print run, placement, size of image, area and any other restrictions indicated in the invoice from i-can.

Unauthorised Use

Without limitation, Images may not be used as a trademark or service mark, or for any pornographic use, unlawful purpose or use, or to defame any person or to violate any person's right of privacy or publicity, or to infringe upon any copyright, tradename, trademark or service mark of any person or entity. i-can in its sole discretion reserves the right to invoice you (and you hereby agree to pay) ten (10) times the normal license fee for any unauthorised use, in addition to any fees, damages or penalties i-can may be entitled to under this Agreement or applicable law. The foregoing is not a limiting statement of i-cans' rights or remedies in connection with any unauthorised use.

Sensitive Subjects

Any license granted by i-can shall not constitute a representation that an Image is compatible for use with any material. You are solely responsible for the use of any Image in combination with any material, and you agree not to use Images with sensitive topics without i-can's separate written agreement. Sensitive topics include, without limitation, topics that may depict subject matter of an Image in a negative or unfavourable light or subject persons to ridicule and topics regarding all sexual issues, substance abuse, physical or mental abuse, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, AIDS, cancer, or serious physical or mental ailments, or the disparagement of a person or product. Certain Images may be available for use with sensitive subjects for an additional fee. You must contact i-can for additional information prior to any use of an image with any sensitive topic.

Any photography undertaken by i-can remains the property of i-can. Copyright will be granted to the client to use the images and particular or specific terms will be agreed between i-canand the client before work commences.

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